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Conti Monte Carlo

Conti Monte Carlo

Espresso Machine Info

  • 2 groups
  • 3 groups
Independent (boiler per group head)
Yes, PID per boiler
Coffee Boiler
0.9 l
6700 W (2 group); 9600 W (3 group)
6700 W (2 group); 9600 W (3 group)

Espresso Machine Features

Digital Display
Steam Wands
Cool Touch

Dimensions & Weight

546 mm
612 mm
Width: 2 groups
896 mm
Width: 3 groups
1126 mm
Weight: 2 groups
89 Kg


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Our incredible multi boiler flagship, incorporates years of design and research into one beautifully modelled machine. We have combined pre-heated coffee boilers with a PID-controlled group head heating cartridge to perfectly polish the espresso temperature and achieve incredible results in the cup

Multi boiler configuration Separate steam boiler coupled with thermally insulated independent coffee boilers, all controlled by PID. Pre-heated coffee boiler water Incoming water is warmed via the steam boiler to ensure the adjustment made by the coffee boilers is kept to a minimum. Individually heated group heads To ensure perfect temperature control on the final part of the extraction. Soft pre-infusion Replicates lever style groups and allows the coffee to ‘bloom’ without pump pressure or exhausting (wasting) the initial coffee water which is crucial to balanced espresso. Independent group head displays Allows the barista instantaneous access to group temp, coffee boiler temp, dose and pre-infusion settings, perfect for the ‘Guest Espresso’ scenario. ‘Touch screen’ main display Gives ultimate control over all machine settings and parameters; this is password protected to avoid unwanted changes being made. USB interface Allows software updates to be made – ensuring the latest technology is available. Shot & volumetric counters Shown on each group display, allows the Barista to perfectly control each shot to ensure consistency. Teflon lined portafilters Reduces coffee oil build-up to help maintain perfect flavour and speed up cleaning process. Cool touch, non-stick Steam wands, make for safer use and easier to clean. Retractable cup stands Slide inside the machine when not in use, housing mirrored and angled to see espresso extraction with naked porta-filters. Competition showers and baskets Allows the barista to explore dose and grind size to optimise coffee flavour. External pump option Not only is the pump adjustable from the outside, we can transform the machine into ‘stealth mode’ by mounting the pump and motor externally on a custom built anti vibration platform.

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The United Baristas Guide to Buying an Espresso Machine brings together firsthand experience, tips from the coffee shops getting it right, and insights from across the coffee industry. Use the guide to work out what’s important to you, and your business, so you can set up your coffee programme for success.

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