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United Baristas Terms of Use

Information and terms of accessing our website and profiles and pages on third party sites

About the Terms

Access to and use of our websites both within the UK and internationally is provided by United Baristas. Access to and use of our profiles and pages on third party sites are provided by third parties and governed by their terms in addition to our own terms.

United Baristas operates:

  • unitedbaristas.com
  • twitter.com/unitedbaristas
  • instagram.com/unitedbaristas
  • facebook.com/unitedbaristas
  • unitedbaristas.tumblr.com

We provide regular updates via these profiles and pages, so they are a good way to stay in touch with us. We invite you to connect with us on our profiles or pages. No other website or pages using the term United Baristas, or any other of our trademarks is directed associated with United Baristas.

The terms of access and use of our websites, profiles and pages on third party sites are:


‘User’, ‘you’ or ‘your’ refer to you, the person or legal entity signing up to or using United Baristas.
‘We’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ refers to United Baristas.

Commencement of Terms

By using our websites, pages or profiles on third party sites, you agree to be bound by these terms, which shall take effect immediately on your first use of one of our sites, profiles or pages on a third party site. If you do not agree to be bound by all of the following terms please do not access, use and/or contribute to our sites, profiles or pages.

Use of our sites, profiles and pages

You agree to use our sites, profiles and pages only for lawful purposes, and in a way that does not infringe on the rights of, restrict or inhibit anyone else’s use and enjoyment of our sites, profiles and pages on third party sites.

No materials from this site may be copied, reproduced, downloaded, or distributed for anything other than personal, non-commercial use.

Rights of Content

By sharing any contribution (including any text, photographs, graphics, video or audio) with United Baristas you agree to grant United Baristas, free of charge, permission to use the material in any way it wants (including modifying and adapting it for operational and editorial reasons) for our communications.

In order that United Baristas can use your contribution, you confirm that your contribution is your own original work, is not defamatory and does not infringe any UK laws, that you have the right to give United Baristas permission to use it for the purposes specified above, and that you have the consent of anyone who is identifiable in your contribution or the consent of their parent / guardian if they are under 16.

Users retain the rights to all text, pictures and other content that they create in United Baristas Workshop, which is a business directory. The users allow other users to utilise this content in accordance with the nature of the directory functions and allows United Baristas has the rights to to file and use the content to provide these functions of the directory and to promote United Baristas as well as make changes that are necessary for the service of the directory. The responsibility of the content remains with the user.


United Baristas Workshop is an online directory.
In order to participate in and contribute to selected sections of our website, you may be required to register personal information with WordPress. If you have any questions regarding this personal information, should check our Privacy Policy.

You agree to use listings posts, feeds, and comments in accordance with the following rules. These apply across all our maintained sites, profiles and services. You should, however, also read the other sites’ specific terms of service as there may be additional terms of service.

Please remember that any information you disclose in a public forum or community areas becomes public information and is immediately accessible to other users, so it is important for you to carefully consider what, if any, personal information you reveal in these areas.

  • Contributions must be civil, tasteful, spam-free, lawful and free from advertising or promotion.
  • United Baristas reserves the right to delete any contribution, or take action against any login or registration, at any time, for any reason.
  • If you’re under 16:
  • Please get a parent’s or guardian’s permission before taking part in any discussion on either homeinstitute.co.uk or our profiles and pages on third party sites.
  • Never reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else (for example, school, telephone number, your full name, home address or email address).
  • If you feel that a post or comment is in breach of these rules, please contact United Baristas.


No guarantees of the functioning of the directory service are given. Users are responsible for their actions in the directory and they should estimate the reliability of other users before entering into agreements. United Baristas can under no circumstances be liable for damage that is caused to users. The user may not store any information or data in the service and expect it to remain there.

 Some of the content posted on our sites, profiles and pages is created by members of the public. The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not those of United Baristas. A number of person(s) associated with United Baristas are also able to post comments on our sites, profiles and pages. The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not those of United Baristas. United Baristas is not responsible for any content posted by members of the public on our sites, profiles or pages or for the availability or content of any third party sites that are accessible from our site. Any links to third party websites from our site do not amount to any endorsement of that site by United Baristas and any use of that site by you is at your own risk.

User Removal
United Baristas has the right to remove any users or their content from United Baristas and to terminate their right of use of the service without any specific reason and without being liable for compensation.

United Baristas Workshop is built using a third party payments system called PayPal. The general terms of PayPal also apply. Terms of use can be found on their website.


United Baristas is a trading name of Home Atelier Limited. The company registration number is 08934496. The registered address is 2 Eco Vale, London, SE23 3DL. The VAT number is GB 183 0772 04.

Applicable Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction that is applicable in this service and these terms of use is that of the England, unless something else is required by binding law.


United Baristas may change these terms from time to time and so you should check these terms regularly. Your continued use of our sites, profiles or pages will be deemed acceptance of the updated or amended terms. If you do not agree to the changes, you should cease using our website and our profiles and pages on third party sites.