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Introducing United Baristas Workshop v2.0 – Updates for businesses

United Baristas Workshop v2.0

Over the Easter break we have updated the backend of the website with a number of changes so that we can launch United Baristas Workshop v2.0.

  • If you are looking for an engineer or supplier, you probably only need to know that the site is faster and easier to use especially on mobile. Start your search…
  • If you are particularly interested for some reason, the key changes are documented in our change history and explained in more detail in our blog.

Most visitors to the site won’t notice any significant change, apart from it being faster and easier to find relevant listings – especially for mobile visitors. However, these improvements have necessitated some significant changes to the backend and structure of the databases. If you’re an existing listing owner, here’s what you need to know:

1. Everything is focused on search and mobile

Most of our visitors are on mobile and are looking for:

  • a specific business
  • engineers near them
  • equipment or parts suppliers

To facilitate these searches we made the following changes:

  • introduced search on the front page (also much better for mobile users)
  • specific search functions in main and mobile menus for engineers and suppliers
  • specific searches for name and proximity to postcode
  • specific sections for manufacture accredited engineers and parts

2. Categories have been updated

The category structure has been updated to facilitate category browsing and search. The new structure is:

  • Engineers
    • Site Visits
    • Service Contacts
    • Workshop Facilties
  • Suppliers
    • Equipment
    • Parts
  • Customisation

This change means that a business listed in, for example, ‘Service Contacts’ appears in the master ‘Engineers’ category listings. Or, an example again, a ‘Parts’ listing, appears in ‘Suppliers’ results. This category and subcategory structure is focused on visitors’ search requirements (the old structure prioritised business category, which we now realise was less good) and allows visitors to narrow down quickly to what they are looking for.

3. Listings per page

To help increase speed, we have reduced the number of listings that show per page on mobile. We are still experimenting with the optimum number as, obviously, more listing give greater options but fewer means faster page loads.

Even before reducing the number of listings per page, as listings were sorted in alphabetical order, we were increasingly having situations where listings which commenced with a letter towards the rear of the alphabet where systemically disadvantaged in categories and search results.

To make the site fairer, faster and better we have introduce the randomisation of listings. So, the database works out which listings should be displayed in the relevant category or search result, and then lists them in a random order.

4. User sorting

Visitors can now re-sort category or search results to a) alphabetical order, or b) by average rating. We think that this is a good step forward as it supports listings that have higher ratings.

5. Listing in multiple services

We now have a much fairer system for businesses that provide multiple services and wish to appears in multiple service categories. We have decreased the listing fee per category (service) and allowed you to list in multiple categories.

6. Feature your listing

Want to stand out? You can now promote your business with a featured listing, which means that your business appears first in relevant category and search results. This service has a similar affect to the Workshop v1.0 verified listing feature.

7. Pricing and payments

To be fair to our you, our existing listings, we have made the cost of a listing plus featuring a listing a little less than the previous cost of a verified listing. This means that a business with a narrow focus will find their listing price cheaper and those businesses that trade in a number of areas a bit more expensive. Full pricing is now available on the website. Some listing owners are not VAT registered so we have restructured pricing to communicate prices to be inclusive of VAT (where applicable). Finally we have  introduce Stripe to better manage the payments.

8. We’re here to help

We have changed over the listings, but if you require changes before your renewal date which you are struggling to make to trigger an amendment fee, please let us know and we’ll happily set things up for you.

9. Check your listing now

Please check your listing now and let us know if you have any questions.