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United Baristas Workshop advertising opportunities, positions and prices

We offer both out-of-the-box and bespoke advertising solutions to reach our audience of coffee professionals and consumers on United Baristas Workshop, including banner, promotional and takeover campaigns. We also offer banners on our monthly United Baristas newsletter.

This page covers:

Standard Banner Advertising Positions

United Baristas Workshop Advertising Positions

United Baristas Workshop Advertising Positions

United Baristas offers two options for standard advertising banners

  • Side Bar Adverts: 336 x 280 px
  • Footrest Adverts: 728 x 90 px

Standard Banner Advertising Options

United Baristas Workshop has three advertising seasons:

  • February – May
  • June – September
  • October – January

Advertisers can also benefit from a discount and future rate increases by booking a space for 12 months.

Details are in the Rate Card. Campaigns that don’t fall into the above seasons are best run under the promotional banner advertising option.

Promotional Banner Advertising

We offer bespoke promotional advertising for advertisers seeking intensive, time-limited, geographically-defined or custom sized banners.

Examples of promotional banner advertising include:

      • Intensive: campaigns that require a higher display rate or outright purchase of a position
      • Time limited: campaigns with start or end dates that don’t coincide with our advertising seasons
      • Geographically defined: Define by country or city level
      • Custom size: banners of different sizes

Contact us to explore your campaign ideas.

Takeover Campaigns

Advertise in all positions, with the Adsense positions removed, plus the header position, for impactful, time-limited campaign.

Newsletter Advertising

Advertise in our monthly newsletter. Information coming soon.

Key information

United Baristas offers Adsense advertising to benchmark campaign costs. Our traffic volumes are growing rapidly, so advertisers can benefit greatly by locking in current pricing through purchasing an annual plan. Audience overview:

• 80% male / 20% female
• 80% are based in the United Kingdom
• 75% are aged between 25 – 44 years

Our visitors typically have purchasing authority and exhibit purchasing intent for coffee equipment, travel, recruitment, vehicles, property and business services.

Their interests include coffee, food and drink, film, football, pop culture, travel and technology.

Data: Google Analytics

Full insights are included in the Rate Card.

Campaign and artwork creation

We can use our knowledge and insights into barista culture and the coffee community to devise and execute campaigns. Discuss your idea or present your objectives by contacting us at advertising@unitedbaristas.com.

Rate Card

Download our current Rate Card or contact us to discuss promotional or takeover advertising options.

Download the Rate Card